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I backed-up the bulk of my "essential" files from my old PC. I see I had a LOT of creations in the works. I might post said unfinished projects for anyone who wants to build off of what I had.

Other files would contain "unpolished" creations without screenshots.

Bye now.

Ancient Hard Drive
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Okay, it's time to be honest with myself and everyone.

My hard-drive is ancient. Like ... a-decade-old ancient. My dad told me years ago that hard drives only last five years. I also know my motherboard has at least one bad capacitor. I say this because my screen turned blue last night. Not the solid, blank Blue Screen of Death, but ... everything on the screen was all blue with not other colors!

I don't really know how to back-up a hard-drive but I'll try my best.

Yoy know, it has been a long time since I started playing the Sims 2. It really is surprising how many people are still playing this old, old, old game, and how much I still want to play.

'Bye for now.

"OMSP" Credit Links
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Eventually, I'd like to submit an entry called "Fun with OMSP's".  This entry is for credit purposes. I may not have all of these downloads in my game or use all of them in my images, but I think it a good measure to post them all. Some may be missing but, as long as this list is, I should think not. Lastly, a few listed downloads may not count as OMSP's to some (Magisplay recolor, up- and downshifts, Illumatations shelf, etc.), but they are close enough for my purposes.

"One More" Slot Package For EndTables
"One More" Slot Package For cofeetables
Walk Around & Through Blocks
A Whole New Dimension: OMSPs Revisited and Improved!
The UpShift
The DownShift
More Decorative Slots for Maxis Furniture - Dressers, Desks, End Tables, Coffee Tables, Vanity and more
More "Unique" OMSP's
Invisible magisplay tray recolor
Disappearing coffee table on four slots
Even More OMSP's!!!!
"Illumutations" - Transformable Shelf w/ Light
OMSPs for SLAK Shelves and Wall Shelves
OMSP Controller

PS: If you LOVE to decorate, you should try these. :)

School vs Simming
School is in session so I have very few chances to get on my gaming computer. When I can, I'd rather play the Sims 2 than make new content for it. You know how it is, I hope.

Super Suit for Women: Merrily Trucking Along
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Hello, anyone who might be reading this. (Oh, I hope I get noticed some day!) I simply want to say that I am working steadily and persistently on the adult female version of my previously released super suit for adult male sims. I hope to be able to develop a better male suit in the future since I have made great advancements in shading and design since I made those (which was about two years ago anyway).

I have some preview images of said apparel, but, as I am updating on my mobile phone, I will have to post them later.

On a quick side note, I am considering revising the UV map for my Super Energizer. I don't know how many times I must have done this in the past, but I hope to "get it right" this time. ;)


Upload: Super Suit in 12 Colors!
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Adult Male Super Suit in 12 Colors

Here's a skin-tight outfit for your space cadets, super heroes and super bad guys in twelve colors. Some texture recolors are admittedly better than others, but that's the price I had to pay for variety.

Image Previews - Details and RecolorsCollapse )More variations to come. :)

Download 7z

Download Zip

I can't believe it's been more than two years since I've been active on this journal! I admit, it has been an eventfull span of time with little time to devote to the Sims 2, but I've decided to return to Effelenn_sims2 with a new angle: amusing in-game screenshots!

So, without further delay, I present to you:


Okay, not so funny today but I'll try to post as many of my dozens of amusing screenshots as I can along with a few downloads here and there. :)

CreditsCollapse )

See you later.

Snack Bag Issues
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I've been experiencing technical difficulties lately. I want to make a new snack item--a bag of peanuts--but only the texture of the snack bag from which I cloned the peanuts shows up when my sims take it out of the 'fridge. Any ideas?

Click to See the Peasnut Bag TextureCollapse )

Someone please help me. .-.

UPDATE - 5/9/13

Well, according to Fireflies' tutorial, I was doing lots of things wrong. ;P So, now I've created another peanut bag from scratch and this one shows the proper texture. Hurray!

Simlish Constelations Font
Nothing spectacular today. Just a Simlish font I threw together on Fonstruct lickety-split. I just wanted to get familiar with the characters. Hopefully I'll be able to make some more unique, usable Simlish fonts some day.

"Normal. Bold. Italicized.*"

Click to Download from Fonstruct.com

A set of better examples of this font can also be found on Fontstruct.


*Although I misspelled it with an S, not a C. ^_^'

PS: This is the Sims 2 Simlish. I don't play Sims 3, but I'll think about making Sims 3-style fonts along with this alphabet. A lot of the characters seem the same, albeit jumbled around.

Six Conversions: Flooring to Terrain
Hello, again. NOW I have something to upload. :D

This is nothing original or amazing; it took me only about an hour to complete, but it should be quite useful. Anyway, I converted six floor tiles into terrain paints. Three are from Seasons and one from Open for Business, but no EP's should be required. :)

See pix.Collapse )


Enjoy. :)


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