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I can't believe it's been more than two years since I've been active on this journal! I admit, it has been an eventfull span of time with little time to devote to the Sims 2, but I've decided to return to Effelenn_sims2 with a new angle: amusing in-game screenshots!

So, without further delay, I present to you:


Most people know that eye-contact is an important part of proper one-on-one communication. Here are some sims who would rather focus on something else entirely.

"Let's talk fashion, Cynthia! No, don't look at me, I'm still in my PJ's." (Yes, it's Cynthia Kim!)

Not only are these boys not facing one another, but they aren't even in the same room! (In addition, the boy one the left's classes seem to be having trouble pulling the proper texture.)

"Aw! who's a good little toilet?"

Okay, not so funny today but I'll try to post as many of my dozens of amusing screenshots as I can along with a few downloads here and there. :)

Featured if today's screenshots:
Image 1:
Blue Conservative Sweater by Fanseelamb
Eyeshadow Default Replacement by CatofEvilGenius on Cynthia?

Image 2:
Ascension Elevator Stairs (1 tile) by Targa
Cap Flipped Backward by Roddyaleixo
Teen male conversion of Apartment Life Side-zip Jacket by SharonSims2 (Sorry, couldn't find a link.)
Wall Top Texture Replacement by Maranatah

Image 3:
SimDroid V6.5 by Bink13y
Yeah Baby Nursery Crib by K8

Last image:
Animas Tail and Ears by Atreya
White Mud Sims 3 terrain

See you later.


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